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Same Time Next Year

Today’s the anniversary of the get-off that landed me in the hospital last year, so I figured I should check in with a progress report. All things considered, I’m doing really well. My ankle is still stiff and painful when I first start moving, but it’s just fine once I get it warmed up. In […]

9/11 + 9

Never forget.

Clean Bill of Health

I had my final check-up on my ankle today and the doc has cleared me for … well, everything. I dumped the cane about a month ago and for about the last two weeks I’ve only been wearing my “cam walker boot” to work (mostly to avoid getting side-eye from folks when I park in […]

RIP, Wizard

My brother Wizard died last night at 9:20 pm PST. He’d been sick for a long time, fighting off cancer, but it finally got to be too much for him. I got to talk to him briefly on New Year’s Eve, so I sort of got to say goodbye, but it was still shocking how […]

I’m Back in the Saddle Again

Last Sunday, 85 days after I fall down go boom, I finally got my fat ass back in the saddle. And it was great! The biggest thing holding me back was my left ankle — I dislocated it really badly and I wasn’t allowed to walk on it for what felt like forever. First I […]

Doing The Two Buck Bounce

It was Sunday afternoon, September 13, and I was hanging around the house with the wife and kid when a call came in from some club brothers: “Hey, come hang out with us in Ojai.” I was on the road about 20 minutes later. I remember the ride up the 101 to meet them — […]

9/11 + 8

This patch has been on every cut I’ve worn since October, 2001. It will be on every cut I wear for the rest of my life. Never forget.

Shiny Up, Cord Down

Time for another new rear tire. After changing the last one I was bitching about how I’m only getting about 5,000 miles out of my rear tires. Well, I think I’ve found the secret to extending the mileage: procrastination. I kept noticing my rear tire was looking more and more like a racing slick and […]

Of Floorboards and Saddlebags

Regular readers (and even the irregular ones, maybe — depends on how much fiber y’all are eating) may recall that I keep bitching about my right floorboard being ground away to nothing. I bought a new pair of “floorboards” awhile back from some yutz on Craigslist who didn’t know a floorboard from shinola and they’re […]

How I (Don’t) Roll

I was riding out to Simi Valley this afternoon to have lunch with a buddy and was cruising through a long downhill sweeper on the freeway when things started feeling a little funny. Not funny ha-ha, funny wrong. My bike gets this weird slow wobble when I’m going through a long sweeper like this one, […]

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