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Archive for January, 2008

Three Bells and All’s Well

In the seafaring world, the passage of time is marked by ringing a bell every half hour. Starting at midnight, 00:30 is one bell, 01:00 is two bells, 01:30 is three bells, and so on. This progresses up to eight bells, marking the end of a four-hour watch for the crew, then it starts over […]

Tailgate Party

I was riding with some of my club brothers this afternoon on the way home from our meeting when ***plink!*** my throttle cable snapped. One minute I’m accelerating my way through a turn, the next my throttle is twisting freely and not doing a damned thing and I’m slowly coasting to a stop because all […]

Motorcycling Addiction Syndrome

In the addiction and recovery community, it is said that the first step towards recovery is admitting that you have a problem. The following quiz, ganked from Brain Bucket Magazine by way of Atlas Rider, is supposed to help figure out if you have a problem with MAS — Motorcycling Addiction Syndrome. Come, take the […]

White Line Fever

One of the great benefits of riding in California is lane-splitting aka “lane sharing” or filtering or white-lining — in other words, riding the gap between two lanes of cars that are doing the tired old traffic jam thing. It’s illegal in most states, and while it’s not technically legal here, it’s also not technically […]

MotoVideo Redux

As promised, I’ve recorded some more video, this time with a better camera and at higher resolution. I fabbed a camera mount out of PVC pipe and a galvanized steel corner brace and used this to mount my miniDV camcorder on the bike. The mount came out really well; I even managed to set it […]


I made my first foray into Youtube-land today with the below video. It’s only about about two minutes long. I leave my back driveway and ride a few blocks up the road, then for some reason I thought I should stop the recording before the filesize got too large, so I leave you hanging with […]

Too Much Wind in the Face

The phone rang at 12:15 this afternoon. It was a friend, saying some of the guys were “getting together to go ride motorcycles.” Did I want to come? At that moment I was busy ripping out the disgusting, wet carpet from our guest bathroom. The toilet in there tends to back up from time to […]