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Shiny Up, Cord Down

Time for another new rear tire. After changing the last one I was bitching about how I’m only getting about 5,000 miles out of my rear tires. Well, I think I’ve found the secret to extending the mileage: procrastination. I kept noticing my rear tire was looking more and more like a racing slick and […]

Go Garmin

I have a Garmin Zumo 550 GPS unit that I bought in summer of ‘07 for my trip back to Colorado. It’s really a great unit — it does the GPS thing, obviously, and it also plays MP3s, so I have about 2 gb of music loaded on it with a plug running from the […]

The Dream That Wouldn’t End

I was asked not-so-recently by a publicist to review a book.  I have no idea why she asked me, I have to assume it was because this is a blog about motorcycling and the book is about a guy riding a motorcycle, so…  Well, here’s my review, such as it is.  I think the publicist […]

Rubber Down

I happened to glance at my rear tire today and realized I was down to nothing on it. Some tread was left on the chicken strips but the middle of the tire was a slick. Since the forecast calls for possible rain and I’m riding down to San Diego tomorrow to do a poker run […]