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I met my wife for lunch in Marina del Rey about a week ago at Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch (good, but it was better last time I was there in the 90’s — and bigger). Afterward, she wanted to go to have some coffee at $tarbucks, so she drove over there in her car and […]

104 In The Sun

Highlight of the weekend: Riding in a tight pack with five other club brothers, on our way up to the clubhouse for church Sunday morning, topping out at 104 mph as we blasted through Sun Valley on the freeway. Good times, good times…

Six Month Report

I missed the 6-month anniversary of my little get-off back in September. It was a week and a half ago, and I forgot it because I was busy celebrating my daughter’s birthday. Considering the way things could have gone, I feel fortunate to have been playing games at Laser Tag instead of taking a dirt […]

Mostly Back Online

I’ve recovered about 99% of the blog now, thanks to an awesome tip from Matt on restoring it from the RSS feed. I hadn’t thought of that and it was a lot easier than what I had in mind. I had to add the missing content in as backdated entries, though, so now the feed […]

No Backup

I discovered recently that this blog was broken. Out of nearly three years’ worth of entries I had put up, only ten remain. The database had apparently become corrupted and roughly 90% of my old entries were gone, just gone. I contacted my hosting company and asked if they could restore it from backup. And […]

Well, That Hurt

I went down, hard, on September 13 and I’ve been in the hospital ever since. I just got home tonight. I’ll post the whole story later, but the short version is that I dislocated my left ankle, splattered my spleen, broke my left shoulderblade and a whole bunch of ribs, punctured a lung, underwent three […]

Riding the Taint

One of our guys came up with a description for how we ride (or should ride) that I like quite a bit. He says we should try to ride “in the taint” — not so wild that we’re being assholes, but not so mellow that we’re being pussies either. Now, I’ve never actually wanted to […]

RIP Prospect Apache

I have sad duty tomorrow: a funeral for a friend who killed himself. Apache prospected for the club for awhile, really gung-ho, good prospect, rode well, worked hard, everybody liked him. But then he had trouble with his girlfriend and with his job and with what must have been a lot of other stuff we […]

Topping Off The Blinker Fluid

I’ve gotten a few emails from people saying “Hey, where the hell are you? Are ya dead???” So I figured I’d better at least pop up long enough to say “I’m not dead yet!” I’m still out here, I’m just busy with the new job and not sleeping enough and getting my Land Cruiser running […]

Back On The Chain Gang And Off The Market

I just signed an offer letter on a new job that starts Monday, so now I can stop worrying about having to sell my bike to pay the bills. Whew! I’ll have a paycheck AND a motorcycle, all at the same time. What a concept! I’ll have a new entry up soon about my road […]

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