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Archive for April, 2008

You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda

I took Topanga Canyon over to PCH during my ride up to Camarillo yesterday, and along the way I came across a “biker” broken down on the side of the road. “Biker” because he was on a scooter, but two wheels are two wheels so technically he’s a biker. But whatever, the point is that […]

Cruise Along the Coast

I went for a putt along the coast yesterday. I was heading up to Camarillo to go to a party and decided to take the scenic route through Malibu instead of the freeway. As I rode along, enjoying the sun and the sea air and the ocean view and the bikini-clad hotties dodging traffic on […]

Code of the Road

I was lanesplitting my way up the 101 freeway yesterday through unusually heavy traffic when I caught up to a tow truck angling over to the inside lane where there was a car stopped. That explained the back-up — I figured it was either broken down or an accident. Then I did a double-take when […]

Fun With Oilslicks

I learned a valuable lesson today: When riding in parking lots, take care when cutting across the empty spaces. I was riding through a nearly empty parking lot this morning, riding diagonally across several rows of empty spaces, and I started leaning/turning to the left to set up my entry into my intended parking space. […]

Putt for the Poppies

Me and some of the guys went for a little putt up to the Poppy Preserve up in Antelope Valley yesterday to see the flowers since they’re in full bloom now. My wife thought this was hilarious and got a lot of mileage out of it at my expense (”Look at the big tough biker […]

Bug Season

Spring has sprung here in SoCal, with all its attendant bug guts:

Call Me Sparky

I’ve been pretty busy with a career change and assorted generalized fucking off, so I haven’t posted an entry in awhile. Oops. I’ve been riding back and forth to Fontana (about 60 miles each way) during the week for truck driving school and riding for fun on the weekends. Two of the longer rides I’ve […]