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Archive for February, 2008

Adventure Riding

I’m strictly a street rider at this point in my motorcycling career. My first taste on a motorcycle was off-road in a farmer’s beet field, but since that day back in about 1975 the only non-pavement riding I’ve done is on gravel stretches of roads being repaved. Homey don’t do dirt. My daughter, on the […]

Biker Funeral

I went down to San Diego Saturday to attend the memorial service for the wife of one of my club brothers, who was killed riding her motorcycle. I was expecting it to be a relatively small affair but, boy, was I wrong. It was huge; there were hundreds of riders there. When we turned the […]

Just For Me

I rode over the hill into Hollywood for lunch yesterday, to a little hole in the wall hamburger joint on Santa Monica called Irv’s. Irv’s has been around just about forever (check out this LA Weekly feature on it for details) and the food is pretty good too. But the reason I’m posting about it […]

Bike or Cage? Both!

This is the goofiest thing I have ever seen. A cage on a motorcycle to protect the passenger — with seatbelts, fer fux sake. WTF? Just take the damned car if you’re such a puss — and sell your bike, because you don’t deserve it.

Homemade Camera Mount

As promised in an earlier entry, I finally got around to taking pictures of my camera mount. Inspired by this how-to on making a smaller camera mount here, I made a heavier duty one for my Sony TRV22 video camera. I used a T section of PVC pipe cut in half and mounted on my […]