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Archive for December, 2008

Last Ride of the Year

The last day of the year calls for a last ride of the year, so that’s what I did today with my pal Greg and one of my club brothers, E. Greg and I took the 101 freeway across the valley to meet E, then we took Kanaan Road to the coast. It was pretty […]

Dear Santa

Dear Santy Claus. This is what I want for Christmas:

Split Or Get Off The Botts

I stumbled across a motorcycle blog the other day where the guy posted an angry screed against another biker who he felt was tailgating him. He started his tale, titled Some People Just Can’t Help It – They’re Dicks! thusly… I’m riding home in the fast lane and traffic is stop and go and I’m […]

A Little Mid-Winter Gloating

On a lot of the biker blogs I read, the riders are closing up shop for the winter. It’s getting too cold to ride, there’s too much ice and snow; so they’re putting Stabil in the gas tank, tucking their bikes in for a long winter’s nap, and counting the days until spring when they […]

MC Comedy

Go to myspace. Search for SAMCRO. Prepare to bust a gut laughing. There are actually people out there claiming membership in the Sons of Anarchy MC. There are actually people out there claiming to be prospects in this make-believe MC. There are actually people out there who are sewing this shit onto leather vests and […]

Saddlebags Carry Good Stuff

I was riding up to the clubhouse Friday night for our Christmas party and was saddled up and ready to go before I thought about the weather. It’s been getting cold here lately (well, cold by SoCal standards, at least: in the high 40s) and all I was wearing was a T-shirt, a flannel, and […]