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Archive for March, 2009

The Prison Surprise Run

I went on a couple of runs on Sunday with some friends that had us dipping our toes in both extremes of the biker world. First up was a charity ride for a sick kid that we went on as a favor to a friend. I’ve been on a lot of rides like this over […]

Street Crud

One of the things I like about my Road Glide is its stereo system, because with it I can listen to music while I’m riding. There’s nothing like carving through the canyons with a dinosaur rock soundtrack to really make a good ride great. Thing is, when you’re blasting your tunes on a motorcycle, everyone […]


Apropos of nothing, here’s a self-portrait I shot last week in the wheel of my pal Earthquake’s bike. I kinda like it.

Snake Eyes

Selling my bike is still high up on my list of possible short-term solutions to my current money crunch, so I didn’t let the rain that was threatening on Sunday keep me off the road. I’m trying to get as many miles in as I can while I have it, because I’m going to miss […]

White Line Tonic

Jesus, I’m a mopey motherfucker. I’m almost embarrassed by that last “poor-widdle-me” entry. I actually would be embarrassed if I didn’t like how I wrote a few passages from it. That “warm, buttery light” line may have been pretty cheesy, but it also strikes me as being just a little bit Hemingway-esque, so I’m perhaps […]

The Haves vs The Have Nots

I went out for a late night ride along Pacific Coast Highway tonight, down through Malibu and up to the Ventura County line. Having a bad night, needed to get out and clear my head. Just lost my job, no prospects in sight, don’t know how I’m going to cover the mortgage next month, not […]

Law Enfarcement

One of the local power clubs threw a big fundraiser party last Sunday. There were hundreds of bikers there from at least 25 different clubs — some of them Christian clubs, and everything went very, very smoothly. The party was held at a VFW post in a relatively remote and unpopulated suburb, in an area […]

Man Down

Me and a bunch of guys from the club went for a ride through the back roads of Ventura County farmland Sunday. There were about ten of us, including a couple of prospects riding at the back of the pack. One of these prospects is a kid we’ve been hammering on to work on his […]