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Archive for December, 2007

Year-End Closeout

Today, the last day of the year, is deep in the heart of winter, which for much of the country means snow and ice and cold and no more riding. Not so here in Southern California; here it’s always riding season. So I closed out the year with a couple of rides. Yesterday I rode […]

Wrenchin’ Yuppie-Stylee

I spent some time in the garage today, wrenching away on my bike. My wife gave me a WarmGear heated vest for Christmas and I needed to run power from the bike’s accessory plug for it, so of course I had to make the wiring job more complicated than it needed to be. The vest […]

December in SoCal

I keep planning these grand, eloquent entries that are deep with meaning and rich with imagery — and then I keep not writing them. Which is, I think, negatively impacting the readability of this here blog. So I think I’ll switch it up a bit. Instead of dazzling you with my wordsmithing (which really is […]