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Archive for July, 2009

Shiny Up, Cord Down

Time for another new rear tire. After changing the last one I was bitching about how I’m only getting about 5,000 miles out of my rear tires. Well, I think I’ve found the secret to extending the mileage: procrastination. I kept noticing my rear tire was looking more and more like a racing slick and […]

Riding the Taint

One of our guys came up with a description for how we ride (or should ride) that I like quite a bit. He says we should try to ride “in the taint” — not so wild that we’re being assholes, but not so mellow that we’re being pussies either. Now, I’ve never actually wanted to […]

RIP Prospect Apache

I have sad duty tomorrow: a funeral for a friend who killed himself. Apache prospected for the club for awhile, really gung-ho, good prospect, rode well, worked hard, everybody liked him. But then he had trouble with his girlfriend and with his job and with what must have been a lot of other stuff we […]