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Archive for May, 2008


Me and two of my club brothers made a run down to San Diego today to do a poker run one of our MC’s chapters was throwing. We’ve made the run down to San Diego together quite a few times before but I don’t think I’ve ever done it faster. It’s 140 miles each way […]

Rubber Down

I happened to glance at my rear tire today and realized I was down to nothing on it. Some tread was left on the chicken strips but the middle of the tire was a slick. Since the forecast calls for possible rain and I’m riding down to San Diego tomorrow to do a poker run […]

A New Example of Gross

“Gross” is grabbing your helmet and putting your thumb firmly into a glob of some kind of glue or resin that’s really sticky, licking your thumb so you can wipe the glue off on your jeans, and then looking at the helmet and realizing that the glue is actually the juicy remains of a large […]

Stupid Liftgate Tricks

I almost killed myself and crashed my motorcycle last night, and the engine wasn’t even running. I’ve been working in the transportation department on a low budget movie the last couple of days, towing the wardrobe trailer and the honeywagon to and from the shooting locations. This show is so low budget they don’t have […]