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Archive for March, 2008


My odometer clicked over to all 4s while I was out riding last weekend. Because I’m a big geek, I pulled over to take a picture. This is what’s called a “filler entry.”

Sunday Ride

The phone rang at 10:30 Sunday morning. It was one of the guys from my club with a revolutionary and ground-breaking question: Did I want to go riding? Lately we’ve been joking that our MC stands for Meeting Club because we haven’t been doing much riding, so hell yes I wanted to go. I was […]

Cop Bait

I was meeting some friends today and I decided to do a nice thing and bring a couple dozen donuts. I got a nice assortment: glazed and jelly-filled and maple bars and etcetera, and I learned something when I took the two boxes of donuts out to the bike: Donut boxes don’t fit in Road […]