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Archive for February, 2009

First Love

I stumbled across a picture of the first motorcycle I ever owned tonight and it was like finding a picture of the first girl who let you touch her boobies. You remember the thrill and excitement of the moment, but you’re also struck by “Wow, she’s not as hot as I remembered. I guess it […]

Moving In Stereo

The speakers in my Road Glide’s fairing started sounding like crap and I thought I had blown them out by playing them too loud. The problem was worse than I thought when I finally took the fairing off and went in to see what was what. The speakers are secured by three screws that screw […]


When it rains, it pours. I started the week with a traffic ticket, and now I’m closing out the week with a second traffic ticket. Awesome! The one I got today was from one of those damned red light cameras. The light turned yellow as I approached and I was close and fast enough that […]

No You Turn

I tend to ride like a bat out of hell and I’ve been saying lately that I’m lucky I haven’t gotten pulled over for it yet. I’ve had a feeling that there’s a ticket floating around out there with my name on it and it’s getting closer. Well, it found me yesterday: I got a […]

Go Garmin

I have a Garmin Zumo 550 GPS unit that I bought in summer of ‘07 for my trip back to Colorado. It’s really a great unit — it does the GPS thing, obviously, and it also plays MP3s, so I have about 2 gb of music loaded on it with a plug running from the […]