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Archive for April, 2009

Back On The Chain Gang And Off The Market

I just signed an offer letter on a new job that starts Monday, so now I can stop worrying about having to sell my bike to pay the bills. Whew! I’ll have a paycheck AND a motorcycle, all at the same time. What a concept! I’ll have a new entry up soon about my road […]

Cleanliness Is Next To Clusterfuck

I am never washing my bike again. EVER. I went six months or more without fucking it up with soap and water and everything was fine, but I took it out today for the first time since washing it on Thursday and I seriously wondered if I’d make it home alive. I must have washed […]

Of Floorboards and Saddlebags

Regular readers (and even the irregular ones, maybe — depends on how much fiber y’all are eating) may recall that I keep bitching about my right floorboard being ground away to nothing. I bought a new pair of “floorboards” awhile back from some yutz on Craigslist who didn’t know a floorboard from shinola and they’re […]

How I (Don’t) Roll

I was riding out to Simi Valley this afternoon to have lunch with a buddy and was cruising through a long downhill sweeper on the freeway when things started feeling a little funny. Not funny ha-ha, funny wrong. My bike gets this weird slow wobble when I’m going through a long sweeper like this one, […]

Rubber Up, Shiny Down

I’ve been going a little crazy waiting to hear back on a job interview I had last week, so I went out for a little clear-my-head putt yesterday afternoon. I was riding the closest twisty road to where I live — Mulholland Drive overlooking the San Fernando Valley, host to dozens of makeout sites used […]