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Doing The Two Buck Bounce

It was Sunday afternoon, September 13, and I was hanging around the house with the wife and kid when a call came in from some club brothers: “Hey, come hang out with us in Ojai.” I was on the road about 20 minutes later. I remember the ride up the 101 to meet them — […]

The Prison Surprise Run

I went on a couple of runs on Sunday with some friends that had us dipping our toes in both extremes of the biker world. First up was a charity ride for a sick kid that we went on as a favor to a friend. I’ve been on a lot of rides like this over […]

Man Down

Me and a bunch of guys from the club went for a ride through the back roads of Ventura County farmland Sunday. There were about ten of us, including a couple of prospects riding at the back of the pack. One of these prospects is a kid we’ve been hammering on to work on his […]

Death … Or La Verne?

Today is my birthday but I’m not much in the birthday mood, so I decided to celebrate by going for a solo ride. I’ve been wanting to ride through Death Valley for awhile now, but I never can seem to find the right time to do it. Today looked like the day — I’m off […]

Putt for the Poppies

Me and some of the guys went for a little putt up to the Poppy Preserve up in Antelope Valley yesterday to see the flowers since they’re in full bloom now. My wife thought this was hilarious and got a lot of mileage out of it at my expense (”Look at the big tough biker […]

Sunday Ride

The phone rang at 10:30 Sunday morning. It was one of the guys from my club with a revolutionary and ground-breaking question: Did I want to go riding? Lately we’ve been joking that our MC stands for Meeting Club because we haven’t been doing much riding, so hell yes I wanted to go. I was […]

December in SoCal

I keep planning these grand, eloquent entries that are deep with meaning and rich with imagery — and then I keep not writing them. Which is, I think, negatively impacting the readability of this here blog. So I think I’ll switch it up a bit. Instead of dazzling you with my wordsmithing (which really is […]