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February 24, 2006 - Friday

 The View From San Jose

This lyrical joke is so obvious, I’m ashamed at myself for using it and I’m feeling actual physical pain over it — and yet I’m doing it anyway. Do you know the way to San Jose? I do: Drive to Burbank Airport and catch Southwest Flight #182. Easy-peasy.

Anyway… So yeah, I was in San Jose today. Just a quick one day up-and-back trip, but I’m still delivering for you readers with another View From Here installment. I didn’t stay in a hotel this time, but the client did have me wait in their conference room until they were ready for me. So here’s my “room” in San Jose:

San Jose, CA

And here’s the view from the conference room window:

San Jose, CA

And just for fun, here’s why I do everything I can to not fly Southwest:

Southwest Cattle Company


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February 21, 2006 - Tuesday

 The View From Longmont – Again

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Longmont, Colorado. Ha.

I was in Longmont, CO in November, and here I am back in Longmont, CO again today. Same hotel, even. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Well, the view changed, at least. You can follow the link above for the view last time, and here’s the view this time around. First, my room, right next to the elevator because they cleverly ignored my routine request for a room away from the elevator:

Longmont, CO - again

And the view, this time looking off to the east:

Longmont, CO - again

The last time I was out here I got to have dinner with my half-sister, who lives in the next town over. I don’t have time to do that again this trip, but I’ll make time for a quick bite at the finest restaurant in all the land: Waffle House. Yes, Longmont has a Waffle House: Unit 1072. Can you believe Beth won’t consider moving here?

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February 13, 2006 - Monday

 No Soap Radio Again

Another week (or so), another podcast. There’s a new episode of No Soap Radio up for your listening pleasure: #28 – Here Come De Bus! Here’s the blurb I posted in the show notes:

Because we care about you, the listener, we’ve added an audio cue to our repertoire: a city bus. So now, when Beth is throwing Chuck under the bus, she’ll have sound effects to do it by. And she makes quick use of it tonight — multiple times.

We also talked about our new listener and fellow podcaster Eliza Metz of The SideShow podcast, pimped our Frappr map, begged for votes at Podcast Alley, figured out that we’re in the top 20% of shows there — or maybe the top 5% depending on which of us does the math, trading “who’s been in jail the most” stories with Chuck’s brothers at a 2-year-old’s birthday party at our extremely white-bread/straight-edge in-laws’ house, finding porn on the same in-laws’ computer while fixing it, our daughter was almost born on Leap Day which would have saved us tons of money on birthday presents, Gummi Bears are evil, The Aristocrats was great, and much, much more.

So check it out, Here Come De Bus!

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February 8, 2006 - Wednesday

 No Soap Radio: Now With Poutine!

I encountered poutine for the first time when I was up in Canadia last week. Want to hear about it? Check out my/our podcast: No Soap Radio. We’re up to episode #27, so if you’re not listening yet you’re missing out. Come on over and listen to me describe how poutine’s cheese curds should “squeak between your teeth.” Brrr….

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February 2, 2006 - Thursday

 A Real No-Spin Zone

I love Keith Olbermann.

Bill O’Reilly of FOX”News” is a consummate ass who never met a lie he couldn’t spin and a standard he couldn’t double. Keith Olbermann rips him a new one — with humor.

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February 1, 2006 - Wednesday

 The View From Calgary, AB

Greetings from yet another Hampton Inn & Suites hotel, this time in Calgary, AB in the Great White North, aka Canadia. What’s it look like in Calgary, you say? Just like this:

Calgary, AB

You can’t see it in the picture, but just out of frame on the right there’s a McDonald’s. Now, I don’t know if it’s just the McD’s I stopped at on the way here from the airport or if it’s all Canadian McD’s, but the one I went to didn’t have a Quarter Pounder with Cheese on the menu. WTF is up with that? No QP? Why, it’s unAmerican! I let them get away with it because this is Canadia, but I’ll be investigating this matter further. I see a trip through the parking lot in my near future. I’ll report back later.

And how’s the room? Remarkably similar to this:

Calgary, AB

And you can’t really see it in this picture, but just out of frame on the left is a wall, and if you put your nose right up against and look really really hard, you can almost see through it. Because the walls here are tissue-paper thin.

Which means I can hear everything my neighbors are doing (watching Still Standing on the TV right now, volume up high– shoot me now, please). And my neighbor is here with friends who are staying in rooms across the hall. And they’re all REALLY REALLY LOUD. And they keep calling each other on the phone to ask “WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW? HAHAHAHAHA! I’M WATCHING THAT TOO!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! NOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” And they keep shouting across the hall to each other “CALL ME ON THE PHONE!!!! NO, YOU CALL ME!!!! HANG ON, I THINK BRETT’S CALLING ME NOW!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

Grown men. Thrilled to the gills at staying in a hotel. I remember when staying in a hotel was that exciting to me. I was six.

Edit: Canadian McDonalds’ do carry the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Whew. And my neighbors are still loud and obnoxious.

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