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NSR #94: The One With The Bio Break

Posted on | May 15, 2011 | Comments Off on NSR #94: The One With The Bio Break

Hey there and welcome back.  We’ve recorded a new show for you.  Yes, we’re all the way up to 94 now.  No, we didn’t talk about what to do for the 100th show this time, instead we talked about:

  • Beth’s word of the week: Oikology – the study or science of housekeeping
  • Zoe got all Banksy with art at MOCA
  • Canadians are trying to steal from Chuck
  • The Land Cruiser needs work.  Again.
  • Voicemail from Dale at the Badger Cast
  • Beth has conquered Mt. Laundry
  • Project 1035
  • Extracurricular activities for college

…and much, much more.  So check it out, because this is the one with the bio break.
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