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Living in L.A. and still working on our first marriage after 15 years and one kid, we bring the bicker and the banter to the web — just to entertain you. Ozzie and Harriet never talked like this…

NSR #99: Almost Centenorio

Hey, look at that, we’re back again.  And okay, sure, maybe we’re late in POSTING it, but this episode was RECORDED on time, damn it!  Didn’t you feel better at least knowing it was out here, even if you couldn’t actually download it yet?  (Or… maybe not, if you’re not a Facebook friend.) Anyway.  New […]

NSR #98: …And We’re Back

Well, that was a quick 3 months, wasn’t it?  No?  Well, it seemed quick on this end.  Anyway, we’re back; we’re not podfading just yet — we have to get to the mythical Episode #100 first.  So tonight’s episode took us one step closer to #100 and we talked about lots of stuff, like: Zoe […]

NSR #97: Live From The Back 40

We’re coming at you live from the back yard tonight, where we talk about… Zoe is in Thailand We’re in the back yard Chuck went to Hollister for 4th of July Our air conditioning is gone Beth’s word of the week was “planking” – being photographed laying (lying?) face-down on objects Wiley is in the […]

NSR #96: 16 Years And Counting

It’s our 16th wedding anniversary today, so we celebrated by recording our first show in over a month!  Because we’re considerate like that: We make you wait by letting more than 4 weeks go by between shows, but we think of you and include you when it really counts.  You’re welcome.  We celebrated by talking […]

NSR #95: Meet Us At The Pearly Gates

The Rapture came and went and we’re still here, so we went ahead and recorded a show for you.  We all work through our Rapture disappointment in different ways.  We did it by talking about: Beth loves Zoe’s new tutor The LandCruiser is running again thanks to Beth’s wrenching skillz Voicemails from Tim of For […]

NSR #94: The One With The Bio Break

Hey there and welcome back.  We’ve recorded a new show for you.  Yes, we’re all the way up to 94 now.  No, we didn’t talk about what to do for the 100th show this time, instead we talked about: Beth’s word of the week: Oikology – the study or science of housekeeping Zoe got all […]

NSR #93: Word to Your Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all our listeners.  We celebrated it by doing a show and talking about… Beth was feted for Mother’s Day …and so was Chuck’s mom Beth had a new word of the week: Matutolypea – being grumpy and cranky in the morning Chuck wants to go SCUBA diving with Zoe Sports Night, […]

NSR #92: The Royal Waiting

Some blueblood knuckleheads got hitched over in England, we talked about it and then Chuck took forever to post the episode.  Equals “The Royal Waiting.”  Clev Are: that’s us.  Other topics touched on in this episode were: Beth’s word of the week: Fascinator: a goofy thing you stick on your head Chuck’s CHP drive-by Osama […]

NSR #91: The Post-Vacation Show

We’re back from vacation — both from work and from No Soap Radio — and back in front of the mics.  Tonight’s topics included… Vacation stories Beth’s new word of the week Voicemails from Big C of Bearcrawling, Steve C of From the Edge, and Tim from For Whatever Reason Email from Jake from Switzerland […]

NSR #90: How To Win Friends And Influence Police

Welcome to show #90.  That’s just 10 less than 100, which has been a big deal for other podcasters.  Should it be a big deal for us?  That’s one of tonight’s topics.  Other stuff included: Chuck making friends with the Oxnard Police Department Beth’s word of the week: Set Jetting – traveling to places you […]

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