No Soap Radio

Living in L.A. and still working on our first marriage after 15 years and one kid, we bring the bicker and the banter to the web — just to entertain you. Ozzie and Harriet never talked like this…

NSR #7: GraceDavis Is Calling

This time we’re podcasting from the dining room with a mixer and multiple inputs and cables and headphones and all kinds of other crap we don’t really need that keeps us from doing this from bed. But we’re using a better microphone, so maybe it sounds better? Tonight’s topics include: A few entries from the […]

NSR #6: Back in Bed

We’re back to podcasting from bed again. Is it the outstanding acoustics or just the fact that we can do it lying down? Topics tonight include: El Guapo’s review of No Soap Radio Kenney Chesney and Renee Zellweger A shout-out to Chuck for outstanding PC service An empty promise of sex from Beth Chuck’s family’s […]

NSR #5: Take Off, Eh

Chuck is on the road this week and posts this episode from Vancouver, B.C. Don’t miss the amazing balcony sequence, where he records “the sounds of the city” for your listening pleasure. Take off to the Great White North. [ lopressor 50mg pills $83.00 | calan 80mg pills $92.00 | ponstel 250mg pills $105.00 | […]

NSR #4: The Between-the-Sheets Podcast

Come with us to our bedroom as we bring the laptop to bed and record what happens! But bear in mind that we’re married with a kid — all that really happens is just a lot of talking. Stick it in your ear: The Between-the-sheets podcast. [ diovan 80mg pills $152.00 | lidoderm 5% 30gm […]

NSR #3: The Zoe Interview

Get to know our daughter Zoe as Chuck interviews her about what she did on her summer vacation, starting 5th grade, her newly pierced ears, and where’s the best place to go for summer camp. Stick it in your ears: The Zoe Interview. [ lamotrigine 150mg pills $260.00 | zithromax 250mg pills $47.00 | moduretic […]

NSR #2: Stick It In Your Ear

Somebody pull the bandwagon over, we’re jumping on! We fine folks here at deadpan have started a podcast called “No Soap Radio.” Readers of our blogs Diary of a SubUrban Housewife and There’s Pie in the Lunchroom already know us, but for you deadpan newbies, we’re Beth and Chuck. Hi there. “No Soap Radio” is […]