No Soap Radio

Living in L.A. and still working on our first marriage after 15 years and one kid, we bring the bicker and the banter to the web — just to entertain you. Ozzie and Harriet never talked like this…

NSR #56: Invasion of the Bearcrawling Nation

We’re experimenting with two shows a week — the regular weekend one, and then a short mid-week episode we’re calling the Humpday Quickie.  So here’s Humpday Quickie #1 featuring… The Steve C voicemails we missed last time Not one Not two Not three Not four, but FIVE voicemails from Big C Beth and Zoe’s brush […]

NSR #55: Like Crazed Monkeys On Benadryl

We’re back with a new episode like crazed monkeys on Benadryl!  Among the topics discussed were: A new promo from and a new name for Our Man Steve Edincat’s New Yorker article on the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Voicemails from Our Man Steve and The Man Behind The Man Behind The Show Believe […]

NSR #54: When Hubris Rears Its Ugly Head

Chuck starts patting himself on the back about how he’s finally got the audio nailed, and five minutes later all the sound cues go in the crapper. Chuck also tickles his tonsils with his toes at the end of the show with a backhanded compliment to the Jen and DAVe Show. All things considered, maybe […]

NSR #53: Racism On Parade

We recorded mid-afternoon this time instead of in the middle of the night and the sunlight must have gotten to us because we let our xenophobe flag fly free in this episode. On the way to offending black people, Asians, cholas and hillbillies, we also talked about: Carlton the doorman/neighbor/cousin/whatever Happy birthday to For Whatever […]

NSR #52: Happy Birfday, America!

It’s America’s 234th birthday and we’re celebrating it with a new New Soap. Chuck talks a lot — a LOT — about his motorcycle overnighter to Hollister, Beth gets sexually harrassed by a general contractor, and other hijinks ensue: Chuck started the holiday weekend with an MC trip up the coast to Hollister Beth’s word […]