No Soap Radio

Living in L.A. and still working on our first marriage after 15 years and one kid, we bring the bicker and the banter to the web — just to entertain you. Ozzie and Harriet never talked like this…

NSR #23: Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

Well, will you look at that? Just in time for Christmas, it’s another No Soap Radio. Yes, it’s true: we’re givers. We’re filled with the holiday spirit tonight as we play a little Springsteen and discuss such things as Chuck nearly having his truck impounded for expired registration and parking tickets, Beth dressing our pets […]

Help Wanted: Recording Engineer

Chuck apologizes for the quality of the audio in the “…And Christmas Was Ruined” episode. We used real mics — expensive ones! — and a mixing board and headphones and cables and everything … and Chuck fucked up and forgot to plug it all into the laptop. End result: it recorded with the cheap-ass built-in […]

NSR #22: …And Christmas Was Ruined

Join us for tales of lost and cancelled credit cards, dog-pods, the prizes are in the mail, customer disservice, cat poop shaped dog food, top load vs front load washer/dryers, Mac vs PC and going over to the dark side, snarfling dogs, and assorted other stories. But most of all, find out how Christmas was […]

Oliver: “I’m Not Dead Yet”

As promised in the last show, here are some photos of Oliver, the cat who doesn’t know he’s supposed to be dying. This is how he says “hi” every time Death drops by for a visit And here he is demonstrating the Dead Cat Bounce. If this cat is dying, I want some of whatever […]

NSR #21: Jesus Is Just All Right

We’re back on the air after a slight delay getting this show out. Look, we put out a new show every three days or so, and we pick which days those are — and they’re not necessarily in sequence. So shows will appear to be late every once in awhile. To you. To us, they’re […]