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Living in L.A. and still working on our first marriage after 15 years and one kid, we bring the bicker and the banter to the web — just to entertain you. Ozzie and Harriet never talked like this…

NSR #31: Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe?

We’re back with a new show after a short delay due to travel and ennui and Beth getting nude rub-downs from half-naked Korean ladies at the Olympic Spa. We’re all over the map again tonight, hitting the following topics and more: The not-Burt Bacharach song Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe? Beth says […]

NSR #30: Never Trust A Podcast Over Thirty

Happy Birthday to us, we’re 30! Which means, of course, that now none of the younger podcasts trust us anymore. Whatever. Tonight’s topics included: The No Soap Radio Promo Contest is over — and we won! We created our own promo and declared ourselves the winners. We are the proud winners of an unopened VHS […]

NSR #29: Introducing The NSR Promo Contest

We close the show tonight with the start of the No Soap Radio Promo Contest — we need a promo, so we’re opening it up to the listeners to take a crack at it. We’ll play the entries (if we get any) on the show and the winner will receive an unopened screener VHS copy […]

NSR #28: Here Come De Bus!

Because we care about you, the listener, we’ve added an audio cue to our repertoire: a city bus. So now, when Beth is throwing Chuck under the bus, she’ll have sound effects to do it by. And she makes quick use of it tonight — multiple times. We also talked about our new listener and […]

NSR #27: Now With Poutine!

This is really show #27.5, because we recorded #27 and decided not to publish it — it was too mean and nasty, filled with threats of divorce and angry outbursts, really not showing us at our best at all. Everything you’d really like to hear, right? Too bad. Instead, we have this version, where we […]

NSR #26: We’ll Be Here All Week

It’s a solid 32 minutes and 50 seconds of comedy tonight — if you ignore the tasteless Michael Jackson joke and Chuck fucking up the punchline of Zoe’s joke. Tonight’s topics included: new mike stands, music piracy, votes at Podcast Alley — we’re in the top 5 percentile (we think), cataracts and reading glasses and […]