No Soap Radio

Living in L.A. and still working on our first marriage after 15 years and one kid, we bring the bicker and the banter to the web — just to entertain you. Ozzie and Harriet never talked like this…

NSR #99: Almost Centenorio

Hey, look at that, we’re back again.  And okay, sure, maybe we’re late in POSTING it, but this episode was RECORDED on time, damn it!  Didn’t you feel better at least knowing it was out here, even if you couldn’t actually download it yet?  (Or… maybe not, if you’re not a Facebook friend.) Anyway.  New […]

NSR #98: …And We’re Back

Well, that was a quick 3 months, wasn’t it?  No?  Well, it seemed quick on this end.  Anyway, we’re back; we’re not podfading just yet — we have to get to the mythical Episode #100 first.  So tonight’s episode took us one step closer to #100 and we talked about lots of stuff, like: Zoe […]