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NSR #99: Almost Centenorio

Posted on | October 26, 2011 | Comments Off on NSR #99: Almost Centenorio

Hey, look at that, we’re back again.  And okay, sure, maybe we’re late in POSTING it, but this episode was RECORDED on time, damn it!  Didn’t you feel better at least knowing it was out here, even if you couldn’t actually download it yet?  (Or… maybe not, if you’re not a Facebook friend.)

Anyway.  New episode.  So we’re here again, doing what we do, and talked about:

  • Episode Centenorio — or some other vaguely Spanish word meaning “100”
  • The Love Ride
  • Voicemail from Jake from Switzerland
  • Chuck’s upcoming birthday
  • Get Smart
  • Chuck got a picture with Sasha Mullins

…and much, much more.  So check it out, because it’s almost centenorio!
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