99 Things About Me
In No Particular Order

  1. At this writing, I am 43 years old. I will be 44 on November 16, 2004.
  2. I'm married with a 7 year old daughter.
  3. I love my husband and daughter with all my heart.
  4. Sometimes I'm not very good at showing it.
  5. I've never looked better or felt better about myself.
  6. I have never had a car payment.
  7. My best features are my eyes (very green) and my mouth (very full).
  8. I give great head.
  9. I swallow (when I'm of a mind to).
  10. I speak French and Spanish.
  11. I speak both better after a few cocktails.
  12. I quilt.
  13. I procrastinate.
  14. I own at least 40 pairs of shoes, most of them are black.
  15. I am html challenged but attempting to improve.
  16. I play in an on-line cribbage league.
  17. I'm very good at cribbage.
  18. I like to drive between 73 and 80 mph.
  19. When I drive I like the windows and sunroof open, and the music very loud.
  20. I love to sing.
  21. I'm very bad at singing.
  22. I don't mind freeway traffic if I'm not in a rush to get where I'm going.
  23. I own at least 15 Coach purses, they're all black.
  24. I'm a terrible housekeeper.
  25. I don't mind washing clothes but hate folding them.
  26. I loved being pregnant.
  27. I have great breasts.
  28. My belly button is pierced. It is profoundly sexy.
  29. I have four tattoos: right ankle; left calf; left foot; right inner forearm.
  30. I lost my virginity at 14.
  31. My first concert was the Doors at Madison Square Garden when I was seven. My dad took me.
  32. I met Jim Morrison.
  33. I spent a debauched night snorting coke with David Lee Roth at a friend's apartment in the Village. He is incredibly smart and nice.
  34. I used to be a bit "wild".
  35. I like phone sex. My husband does not.
  36. I am a good cook.
  37. I smoke cigarettes.
  38. I am handy.
  39. I studied landscape design and can identify probably 300 trees and plants by their Latin names.
  40. I can spell the Latin names correctly.
  41. I have no patience for stupidity.
  42. I type 85 wpm.
  43. If I lost 16 pounds, I would be at my ideal weight.
  44. I am planning to do this.
  45. I think there is no excuse for ugly feet.
  46. I like to have my toes sucked. It makes me crazy.
  47. I am a good dancer.
  48. I hardly ever wear patterns.
  49. When I wear red I get very sassy.
  50. I get stomach ulcers.
  51. I've been dying my hair since I was 12.
  52. Before this blog I kept an online journal.
  53. I hate all things Disney.
  54. I wear corrective lenses....bifocals now.
  55. I have two sisters.
  56. One of them is crazy. Really.
  57. I have had two threesomes. Both were in college. Two men once, two women once. I preferred two women.
  58. I like porn.
  59. I smoke pot.
  60. My cat Natasha is 23 years old. I have had her since she was a kitten.
  61. I am a big flirt.
  62. I wore braces two times.
  63. I still wear a retainer to sleep.
  64. I have only had sex in a car one time. I was 30.
  65. I have had sex in public places.
  66. I make good coffee.
  67. I have been to race car driving school.
  68. I am lactose intolerant.
  69. I am a pack rat.
  70. I love to use chopsticks to eat, not just Chinese food.
  71. I didn't like sushi until about five years ago. Now I love it.
  72. In 1989, based on my horoscope, I quit my job and moved to Spain.
  73. I did not speak Spanish at the time.
  74. I lived there for a year.
  75. Waxing is my preferred method of depilitation.
  76. I was born in Brooklyn, New York.
  77. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 16.
  78. I have an intense psychic connection with my middle sister. We can communicate telepathically.
  79. The worst thing I ever got in trouble for growing up was stealing pot from my father.
  80. I have had affairs with married men.
  81. I am not particularly proud of that.
  82. The sound of my daughter's laughter is like music to my ears.
  83. I look good in hats.
  84. Birds frighten me.
  85. One of my best friends was a very famous child star.
  86. I love to wear lipstick.
  87. I must use a mirror to apply it.
  88. I spend too much time on the internet.
  89. I said "I love you" to my husband first.
  90. I do not like to iron.
  91. I have a very keen sense of smell.
  92. I considered piercing my nipples.
  93. I've pretty much decided not to.
  94. I love the movie Thoroughly Modern Millie.
  95. My husband makes me laugh.
  96. I often go "commando".
  97. I do not like shopping malls.
  98. I almost always have the radio on.
  99. I do crossword puzzles, in ink.