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March 23, 2007

Apparently I am that Kind of Mother

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It’s school acceptance letter season. It’s that special time of year when you find out if all the essay writing, test prep classes, recommendation letters, and money you threw at getting your child into the best possible middle school pays off.

Zoe goes to a lovely private school. Last year the school went from a k-6 to k-5 elementary and 6-8 middle school. Zoe transitioned right to the middle school for 6th grade. No muss. No fuss. No essays, test prep, letters, or extra money (besides the gut wrenching middle five-figure tuition). Zoe loves her school. Zoe loves her teachers. There’s a lot about Zoe’s school that Chuck and I love, but there are a lot of things we don’t love.

When she started at her school, the plan was always for her to leave after 6th grade. However, with the advent of the middle school taking her through the 8th grade there we reconsidered our options.

But there are times when it’s easier to transition to a new school. And there are times when it’s harder. Easier times are 6th, 7th, and 9th grades, when lots of other kids are making the transition. All the other times are harder.

So, since Zoe is going into 7th grade in the fall we revisited the new school discussion. There was a pretty short list, but since we are all very happy with the middle school curriculum at Zoe’s current school, we were pretty happy. But…there was one school Zoe *really* wanted to go to. It’s the school her best friend since kindergarten, Katie, goes to.

On the plus side the new school is an all girls school. A major plus. The girls all wear uniforms. Extra super duper plus. It’s still small, but bigger than where Zoe is now. Chalking another one up to the plus column. Excellent reputation. Plus plus. But the biggest plus of all…the tuition is less than half what we pay now. Ding Ding Ding. Folks, we have a winner.

So we did the dance. Zoe wrote, rewrote, and then rewrote again her application essays. We did intenstive one on one test prep tutoring. I solicited recommendations from all the right teachers. Then we crossed our fingers.

Every day the hot topic of discussion everywhere has been who got letters and to where? Yes, we’ve heard from A and B, but not C, and C is little Buster’s first choice. Yeah! We got into Sally’s first choice. Much faux lamenting what all this change is going to mean, which is just poorly disguised bragging. Talking to other mothers who have applied to the same schools as you have. Have you gotten your letter yet? The thing is, this is a discussion I don’t usually engage in. I’m not the braggy or faux lamenting type.

About a week ago I started stressing about Zoe’s application and when we were going to hear. On Monday I went through the application packet to get the number to call admissions and saw in their packet that they send out acceptances for 7th grade around March 30th. OK, I have a concrete date, I’m still anxious but I know when I’ll have an answer. Monday night one of the other mothers whose daughter has applied to the same school called to see if we’d heard anything yet. I told her what I’d read and not to expect anything until the end of the month.

Then yesterday afternoon this other mother phones and told me that acceptances were going out that afternoon. Eek. Apparently she could not be as Zen as I and called the admissions office.

All morning I not so patiently waited to hear the usual chorus of dog barking that means the mail had arrived. About 2:00 no cacophony yet, but I decided to check the mailbox. I went outside and what was that I heard? Yes, it was angel music coming from my mailbox. Laaaaaaaaaaa. We got the big fat envelope.

And we all know what the big fat envelope means. Yes, Zoe was accepted to her first choice school.

So what did I do? Yup, I immediately called the other mother that had applied to find out if she’d gotten a packet yet. No? Oh, I’m sooo sorry to hear that. Maybe tomorrow.

March 15, 2007

Thank You. No, Thank You. No, Thank You.

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About a month ago, I was driving to pick Zoe up from school in the afternoon.

In the course of my travels I happened to witness a car accident. I was traveling north, and was going to turn right at the corner. Since it was rush hour, there was a fair amount of traffic in all directions. I was in the process of slowing down because the light was turning yellow.

(I will now digress to that classic scene from Starman where Jeff Bridges–who learns all his human skills by observation–is approaching an intersection and starts speeding up as the light is changing. Karen Allen screams at him. Jeff Bridges replies that he thought that the yellow light means speed up.) (I will now digress even further because I was checking my Starman reference with the repository of all useless knowledge, my husband, and when he asked why I was asking him I told him I was writing an entry. His response, “Holy Crap.” He asked that I quote him.)

Anyhoooo….in true Starman style, the car in the lane next to me opted to speed up and go through the light (which was pretty red at this point). Alas, the woman traveling south was already in the middle of making her left turn. Two cars go boom into each other. No one was hurt, it was mostly just some crunched metal and both cars were drive-able.

The driver of the car that was traveling next to me pulled over on the other side of the street. The driver of the car that was turning left pulled over after completing the left turn. Since I was turning right, I drove right next to the driver who had been hit turning left.

I was in a bit of a rush, since it was getting late and I had to get Zoe, so I opened my window, called to the left turning driver, and gave her my business card. I told her I had witnessed her accident and she could have her insurance company contact me if necessary. Just to be clear, I gave my business card to the left-turning driver because I was passing her. Had I been continuing up the street, I would have given my card to the other driver.

A couple of weeks later I got a call from the insurance company of the woman who had turned left. I gave my statement, frankly being as honest and impartial as possible. (Even though I kinda think that the guy driving next to me was in the wrong.)

That was kind of the end of it for me. I had fulfilled my civic obligation.

Fast forward to yesterday. After a two week absence from the office, I decided to go in. I checked my mail slot at the office and there was a greeting card kinda envelope in my box. The name on the return address was completely foreign to me. It was a puzzlement. I opened the card and it turned out to be a very lengthy thank you note that the left turning woman wrote to me. She thanked me for taking the time to give her my card and for talking to her insurance company. There had been no determination yet, but she was sure that if they found on her behalf it was because of my efforts.

Wow…a really thoughtful thank you note just for doing what I would have done under any circumstances. I was deeply touched. So, here’s the thing….I want to write this woman a thank you note for having sent me such a lovely thank you note. Is that crazy?

March 12, 2007

Stars Galore

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I’ve totally slacked in updating my Star Sightings. Two in the last couple of weeks.

Kirstie was having lunch at Chin Chin in Studio City. She came in with a bunch of teenage boys and was met by a friend. I’m here to tell you, she looked fabulous! And she used chopsticks to eat her Chinese Chicken Salad.

And less than a week later I was sitting on Vine at the stop light at Sunset, and who do I see getting into a black Maserati????


…the man who broke up with Carrie Bradshaw on a Post-it Note.

But of Course…

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Zoe on why there are four half-full open cans of cat food in the refrigerator:

Because the cats like variety.

March 8, 2007

Someone Will Be Disappointed

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At 7:18 this evening I received the following text message on my work cell:

Please stop and buy soy milk and buy me a three musketeers.

To whoever sent me this message:  No, sorry.