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October 25, 2005

Why It’s Worth It

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Yeah, I owe a Journalcon wrap up. This isn’t it. I’m not sure there is much more to say on the topic than it was the polar opposite of my BlogHer experience. And that, as my close personal friend Martha Stewart says, is A Good Thing. Everyone I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with (which was fewer than I’d hoped) was lovely. Conversation and alcohol flowed freely. Cleavage was rampant. It made for a perfect weekend.

But not my point.

One of the accounts I handle is the LAUSD. There’s been a huge influx of money, no doubt as a result of tax and bond measures and class size reduction laws. I’m not really the go-to girl on why there’s all this money, and who is really footing the bill. But I can tell you that there are dozens and dozens of new elementary schools going up all over Los Angeles. Every one of the schools that I have been to are in the poorest neighborhoods.

The architecture on these schools is creative. There’s great use of color and shape. They are well designed and kid friendly. The classrooms are huge. There are work areas and play areas in each room, and low little sinks for washing dirty little hands with water fountains built in, right in the classrooms.

And the classrooms need furniture. And it is my job to make sure that they get it. So today I spent the entire morning at a brand new school (so new there were wet paint signs on the walls) overseeing the installation of brand new furniture.

While I was there with my installers putting in desks and chairs and making sure everything was just right, I got to watch two tours of new kindergartners see the new school they will start going to on Thursday.

There were daisy chains of little girls skipping. Parents looking around in delight. Kids eyeing the playground and jungle gym with huge smiles on their faces. It’s all brand new and it’s just for them.

So the next time someone bitches to me because their new cubicle is 6″ smaller than their old one I’ll think about those kids and remember why I love what I do.

October 2, 2005

That Time of Year Again

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Yup, it’s October. That means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And it also means that I am once again proud to participate in the Fourth Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon. (If you’ve paid attention to these various deadpan.net pages you should know immediately which picture is mine.)

There’s a picture in the freebie section, and if you donate $50 or more dollars, you’ll get to see it all in the special “pay-per-boobie” section.

Go. Enjoy.